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Create a Vision Board- Visualize Your Success

My Vision Board


vision board idea

A vision board can help you stay focused on meeting your goals. Here are some ideas of how to make one. You can use an actual poster board, bulletin board, a private blog, or make one on Pinterest. Gather some magazine pictures of healthy foods or images of healthy people, find some positive quotes or words that motivate you. Make it personal and meaningful to you.

Post your goals, your motivation/ rewards, your time-line, or even make a list of fitness goals and cross them off when you get there. Make sure to post the steps it will take to reach your goals. Here is an example of a fitness-related “bucket list”:
* To feel comfortable in my skin
* To be able to do 20 pushups
* To hold a plank for 1 minute
* To be able to run 3 miles without stopping
* To be able to every song in a 90 minute Zumba
* To be eating all healthy, unprocessed foods at every meal

Here are some possible steps to meeting your goals:
* Do 10 pushups every day for a week, adding 2 more the next week
* Do a 30 second plank every day for a week, adding 10 seconds more each week
* Go to 3 Zumba classes each week, increasing intensity each week i.e. deeper squats, higher jumps
* Add speed walk or running intervals to my walks, increasing by a minute every week
* Grocery shopping for whole foods and try new recipes

Use visualization for your success, look at an image of how you want to look and instead of beating yourself up for not looking that way, have compassion for all that you have been through, accept that you have done well and learned from your past. Acknowledge how much stronger you are now, how successful you are, you’re not giving in! You’re making changes and now your ready to let go of the past. Accept that you did what you knew to survive and now you have learned new techniques, look through the picture have compassion for the “extra” that is on your body, now you are ready to let the “extra” go, you don’t have to hold on to it anymore, it isn’t serving you any more, your done with it, its time to move on with compassion for yourself, one step at a time!
Review your goals and your vision for success daily! You can do this!

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